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The Web3 Bootcamp is a 4-week intensive course designed to teach participants in Zambia the knowledge, skills, and practical experience needed to succeed in the rapidly evolving field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology

Course Review

Jumpstart your career in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology with this intensive 4-week Web3 bootcamp. The program will help you understand essential cryptocurrency and blockchain concepts through one of the following five modules:

In addition to providing digital expertise, Bootcamp provides access to valuable networking opportunities with full-stack engineers, instructors, alumni, and leading industry experts

Enroll in the Web3 Bootcamp and open doors with industry connections

What you’ll learn

The curriculum of our online Bootcamp prioritizes conceptual understanding over practical application. We delve into the subjects in the fields of cryptocurrency and blockchain, which are highly pertinent to the current industry. However, minor adjustments may be made to ensure that our program remains in line with the evolving needs of our participants and the industry.

Our online Bootcamp is tailored for individuals who possess a fundamental understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain, as well as an inclination for creative problem solving, effective communication, and collaborative teamwork. Please refer to our admissions process for further information.

Course Modules

You will enroll in one of the following courses. 

Meet Our Alumni

Career-changing stories from them that have completed training.

Bootcamp Admission Process

Step 1: Applicants Screening 

March 13 – March 19

Take a 10-min assessment of your career interest and submit your application. We will review your application according to the enrollment requirements in the Disciplines Handbook. 

Step 2: Join the Bootcamp 

March 20 – April 16

If you pass the screening, we will send you a registration link. Start your Web3 journey with us!

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