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Cryptocurrency has been the best performing asset class for the last decade and it will continue to be. It’s irresponsible to ignore it.

Learn to become an active participant in the market, but also advance your career by learning what many do not know.

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With what you learn from this course. You will be able to put things into practice and confidently plan towards that dream vacation, new house, car, or retirement.


What is Web3, blockchain, Crypto, NFTs, Metaverse

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The difference between crypto and traditional money

Why & How are people making money in crypto

What is the metaverse

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This web3 and cryptocurrency learning course is designed for anyone wishing to learn the strategies and techniques used by the pros to profit in the exciting world of web3 so as to achieve financial independence.

It’s the best cryptocurrency course for entrepreneurs and investors who want to take their financial future into their own hands by understanding the opportunities that Web3 technology offers.

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Our cryptocurrency courses and community have helped thousands of crypto enthusiasts across the world to go from zero to leveling up their web3 skills and building generational wealth.

Course Contributors

Michael Jordan

Crypto Instructor | 23+ Crypto courses

Grey Jabesi

Founder of Crypto University

Edward Gonzales

Web 3 Expert & Senior Crypto Trader


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