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How to analyze the market and spot profitable opportunities

How to buy and sell crypto safely and securely

How to leverage Artificial Intelligence and make money

How to use advanced trading tools and strategies in WEB 3

How to manage your portfolio and minimize your risk

How to leverage crypto for passive income and wealth creation

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Our philosophy here at Crypto University 🏆

Beginner Friendly

I have learned so much and refined so much of my knowledge about Bitcoin and Altcoins…and just being a more intentional investor than others

Learn at your pace

We have endless amount of content. You pick and choose which area to start with based on your goals or prior experience. You can also refer back to our lessons whenever faced with a challenge.

Community Support

You’ll be part of our Discord server where you can ask questions to experts and other learners.

Crypto University Course Contributors

Grey Jabesi

Founder of Crypto University

Grey is the founder of Crypto University and has been in the crypto space for over a decade. He has learnt valuable lessons first-hand, which has given him enough knowledge to be able to construct the perfect guide; suitable for every step of your crypto journey. The new digital age now allows him to bridge the gap and bring all that information to you.

Edward Gonzales

Web 3 Expert & Senior Crypto Trader

Edward is a technical analyst, professional crypto day trader and content creator that has been involved in cryptocurrency since April 2017. Through his passion for cryptocurrency education, he was able to connect with Crypto University and join the CU team in January 2021. He works closely with the students in our private group to assist in learning and strategy development. Specializing in automated income methods, Edward brings a deeper understanding of algorithmic trading to our students.

Michael Jordan

Actuary and Ex Head of NFT Research at Polygon

Michael Jordan is an Actuary and Ex Head of NFT Research at Polygon. He has been creating educational content since 2013.

Aaryan Sharma

Blockchain Developer and Marketer

Aaryan is a blockchain developer and marketer, who loves cryptocurrency and technology. The fundamentals of blockchain has always intrigued him. He has co-founded 2x Sold Out NFT projects. As a passion, he creates videos on Youtube to spread awareness about cryptocurrency.

Rebecca Mqamelo

Co-Founder at city3 and Ex Head of Growth at Zerion

Rebecca is a co-founder at city3, where they build web3 services for thriving real-world communities. For two and half years before this, she was Head of Growth at Zerion, a leading web3 investing platform. Prior still, she pioneered experimental research on cryptocurrencies as universal basic income with Grassroots Economics in Kenya. 

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How do I register for courses?

Please read this guide or watch this  video for step by step instructions on how to get registered at Crypto University. If you require more assistance please don’t hesitate to contact our sales and customer support at [email protected] 

The courses I paid for are not working. The website says “not enrolled”. How do I get access to my courses?

If you have any queries regarding your course purchases from our website, please email [email protected] to resolve the issue. 

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